Burnfeed Help

If none of the FAQs below solve your query, feel free to contact me on [email protected]


1. Why does the extension need "Web Page Contents and Browsing History Can read and alter sensitive information on web pages, including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards, and see your browsing history"?

-The extension says it can read your internet history and ‘alter’ specific data like passwords, etc. It's already mentioned in the Privacy Policy along with Apple verifying it before they published the app on the App Store that we do not and never will collect any form of data from the app. Any granted or required permissions are just functional needs for the extension to work properly and anything it works with stays within your computer’s local system. To make the extension work, the extension needs writing permissions to access specific sites (e.g. YouTube) and in Safari, there are no specific set of permissions, even if I had to alter a text inside a web page, it will show the same dialogue for the same. I’m not quite sure about the browsing history permission, it came included along.

2. Something is stuck and won't let me change/enable/disable permissions on the extension.

-This is a common bug, in order to fix it for now, first close any social media tabs and then go to Safari -> Settings -> Websites then scroll down in the left panel to reach to the Extensions section and in there, just flip the stuck website's permissions to "Ask" instead of "Allow" and then close the Settings tab. After this, open that site and once you get a prompt, choose "Always allow for on this website" so that this problem does not occur again.

Do it all the sites if you need to.